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Dr. Leny received her Naturopathic Doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Science in Tempe, Arizona. She was trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine integrated with her curriculum. She practices is Renton Washington as a primary care physician. She also specialized in non-invasive aesthetic medicine for anti-aging, scars, stretch marks, cellulite using Radiofrequency treatment. She treats GI, autoimmune disease, thyroid problems, sulfite sensitivity, weight, chronic fatigue and menstrual problems. Dr. Leny uses bio-identical hormone treatment for peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause symptoms.

Dr. Leny entered professionally into the culinary field because she wanted to be able to guide her patient's technique in processing the food to better their health nutritionally but to also establish gut flora and support the three areas of nutritional absorption. She has professional background in Osakan Japanese, gluten free, Taiwanese and Asian cuisine. She was the head sushi Chef for AmazonGo/ Kikka Sushi until the COVID pandemic.

She entered the battle against the pandemic being at the frontline in mass COVID test sites, vaccination, COVID mobile units and as a volunteer vaccinator. She is currently an active member of the Washington Health Reserve Corp and Swedish Medical volunteers.


  • Telehealth is not meant to replace in person care but to be an adjunct to in person care

  • Not all visit types are appropriate for Telehealth

  • We only accept Washington resident patients due to Naturopathic License Scope of Practice

  • If you decide to use Telehealth as an adjunct treatment for your condition, please have your recent vitals and labs during your initial visit. Any blood pressure device including Apple watch please have it at the time of the visit. Please view the direction in the Telehealth page so that your visit should there be any assessment that needs to be done can be accomplished during your booked appointment.