About Dr. Leny

Medical & Culinary


Medical Work Experience

March 2021 - Present

Public Health Medical Reserve Corp

Volunteer Vaccinator & WAIIS Data Entry

March 2021 - Present

Swedish Medicine

Volunteer Vaccinator

Volunteer Vaccinator The duties include drawing Pfizer COVID vaccines. Administering Pfizer vaccines. Scribe and enter Microsoft COVID data entry connected to Washington State Immunization Information System, WAIIS using VRAZ program.

January 2021 to July 2021

Public Health COVID

Auburn, WA

Vaccine Handler, Registration Specialist, Educational Specialist, Mobile Team Units and Logistics

May 2008 to April 2015

Highlands Naturopathic Physician, LLC

Renton, WA

Naturopathic Physician

Family naturopathic physician. Specializing in non-invasive aesthetic medicine and primary care physician. I administered vaccines such as Tdap, MMR and Varicella to adult and pediatric patients. I also treat chronic illnesses such as allergy, back pain management, IBS, addiction, bipolar, depression, chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue and many more. I use treatment modalities such as environmental medicine, Naturopathic medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathy, massage cupping, medical nutrition, scar treatment, trigger point therapy and multiple drug interaction management.

February 2008 to 2009

Compass Cascade Women’s Program

Seattle, WA

Volunteer Physician

One of Alternative Healthcare Access Campaign sites in which I provide Naturopathic medical care to women who are on a one-year transitional housing program. The medical care included botanical medicine, homeopathy, cupping massage, trigger point therapy and nutrition to prevent and cure illnesses.

April 2003 to July 17 2004

Douglas Laboratory Tempe, AZ

Sales Representative

Student representative for Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Science. Promoting supplements and providing information about certain products (supplements) to students and staff.

September 1998 to July 2000

Cardiology Atherosclerosis Research


Research Technologist I

Assisting in quantitative analysis of coronary angiograms from ongoing clinical trials of various cholesterol-lowering drugs. Measuring atherosclerosis progression using computer software (4D image) developed in the laboratory. Doing estimates of the percent stenosis using the angiogram film projection. Coding the lesions on the patient’s heart diagram from the doctor’s visual estimate.

October 1996 to June 1997

General Internal Medicine

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

Research assistant

Research assistant in working with dog and human research projects analyzing blood samples, drawing blood from dogs, treating dogs, organizing and entering data on Microsoft excel. Centrifuging blood and plasma sample, Radiation testing the lab, disposing the laboratory wastes, cleaning the lab equipment.

July 1996 to December 1996

Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

Seattle, WA

Volunteer for Recreational Therapy Outpatient Clinic

Encouraging children to join into playing activities, report to Recreational Therapy and /or clinic personnel, observations which might be helpful, assist with planned and spontaneous activities, maintain order and supplies in play areas, help maintain toys/books in clinic waiting areas and exam rooms

September 1995 to June 1996

Cardiovascular Research

University of Washington

Student Research Assistant

Coding patients diagnosis report, data entry, reference data entry, medical report database entry, Xerox, faxing, learning the physiology and anatomy of the heart , literature search, and filing charts

October 1992 to June 1994

Family Dental Office Benicia, CA

Office Receptionist and Radiologist

Two years experience as a dental office receptionist. Certified dental radiologist.

June 2002 to July 2004

Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center

Scottsdale, AZ

Two-year experience of patient care as a Naturopathic physician student intern.



University of Washington

Seattle, WA

pH, buffers, photometry, tissue culture and preparation of stock solution, measuring water potential, the Schardakov Dye technique, measuring osmotic potential using Vapor pressure osmometer, measuring water potential using pressure bomb, photosynthesis and the hill reaction, auxin-induced growth of coleoptiles, phytochrome, thin-layer chromatography, gas chromatography, simple and fractional distillation, gel electrophoresis, column chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Naturopathic physician

Southwest College of

Naturopathic Medicine and Health Science

Tempe , AZ

Production of tincture and fluid extracts, infusion, decoction, dry plant extracts, percolation, salve, glycerites, syrup, encapsulation, poultice and compress.


March 2021

FEMA 700

January 2021

FEMA 100

January 25 2021

BSL CPR Certification

April 2019

ServeSafe Certification

July 2011

Alma Accent XL certification

September 2008

Skin Station certification

January 2007 to present

DEA Registered

March 2007 to present

Washington State License

Naturopathic Physician

September 2000 to July 2004

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Science Tempe, AZ

September 1995 to June 1999

B.S. in Botany and Dance Minor

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

1992 to 1995

Benicia High School

Benicia, CA


Dental Radiology Certificate

Sacramento Community College

Sacramento, CA

Teaching/ Lecturing Experience:

June to September 1997

Autistic Therapist

Wallingford, CA

Teaching a child how to do simple basic sign language to help him communicate to others, help increase his vocabulary and listening skills, teaching him the environment to become familiar with family and friends and how to stay focus during learning time

September 1994 to June 1995

First grade Teacher’s Assistant

Mary Farmer Elementary School

Benicia, CA

Teaching children age 6 their alphabets and helping the children with their listening skills.

Other Information:

  • Computer experience with Microsoft Vaccination Management Power BI and Dynamic 365, Microsoft 360, Teams, Sharepoint, Zoom, Washington Immunization, Information System, Solve, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word Perfect, Power point, Microsoft Outlook, Google Doc, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Yahoo web design

  • Hobby (painting, hiking, scuba diving, cross-stitching, cooking, learning to play the harmonica)

  • 1996 to 1997 University of Washington Aikido Club

  • Belly Dancing

  • Black Belt in Tang Soo Do Karate

  • Shotokan Karate

Community Service:

March 2021 - Present

Public Health Reserve Corp

March 2008 to 2014

Renton Kiwanis

August 2008 to 2009

Renton Senior Center Volunteer

February 2008 to 2009

Compass Cascade volunteer

Alternate Healthcare Access Campaign

September 2007 to 2009

Parent Teacher Association

Chairman decoration committee

High School

Chair Ink Cartridge

Fund raising committee

October 2007 to present


Volunteer Children

Sunday School

Renton, WA

November 2005 to 2005

Mesa Community College Greenhouse volunteer

Mesa, AZ

March 2005 to May 2006

Rotary e-Club of the Southwest

March 2005 to 2006

Sponsor to Public Broadcasting Station

March 2005 to May 2006

Sponsor to YMCA Strong Kids Campaign

2004 to 2005

Donator to Big Brother Big Sister

November 2001 to 2003

Research Committee

Southwest College of Naturopathic

Medicine and Health Science

Tempe, AZ

2000 to September 2001

Library Committee

Southwest College of Naturopathic

Medicine and Health Science

Tempe, AZ.

July 1996 to December 1996

Volunteer for Outpatient Clinic Recreational Therapy Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

Seattle, WA

May 1994 to June 1995

Vice President of Explorer Post

911 Volunteer Program

Sutter Solano Medical Center

Vallejo, CA

January 1994 to June 1995

Nursing home Volunteer

Fairfield Health Care Center

Fairfield, CA

1994 to 1995

Key Club President

Benicia High School

Benicia, CA

1994 to 1995

Vice President of Asian Student In America

Benicia High School, Benicia, CA


2001 The New England Journal of Medicine.

Vol. 345:1583-1592 November 29,2001 Coauthor of

“Simvastatin and Niacin, Antioxidant vitamins, or The combination for the Prevention of Coronary Disease”

Culinary Experience:

November 2018 to November 2020

Kikka Sushi/ AmazonGo

Tukwila, WA

Head Sushi Chef production that ensures all Amazon / AmazonGo criteria in food safety and quality are met for all types of sushi and cooked foods. Monitoring production run, cooling and transportation of the product to pass all testing criteria that were required for each new AmazonGo site. Ensuring all Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) and food safety protocol during production are met. Preventing cross contamination during food prep and production followed. Complying to NSF certification standards in kitchen organization, Critical Control Point (CCP) documentation and storage are being followed. Educating, correcting and setting a daily standard in worker hygiene are in compliance. Collecting test samples for the monthly and quarterly Micro-Chem Lab testing to comply with AmazonGo requirement and to comply with Acidification Sushi rice Certification. Monitoring central kitchen environmental safety which includes proper building maintenance of ice machines, three sink systems, sanitizer dispenser, walk-in freezer, walk-in refrigerator and reach-in refrigerators. Ensuring central kitchen passes Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and AmazoGo inspection/ audit.

August 2016 to May 2018

Miyabi Sushi

Tukwila, WA

Sushi Chef, Prep and Saute Line Cook

Documented and created a Manual for food preparation, sauté, and sushi station for Miyabi. Prep, line cook, sushi prep and sushi line. Task involves preparing ingredients, butchering, filleting fish, deboning chicken and preparing different parts for various dishes, butchering pork. chopping, cutting, dicing, shredding, julienne, mincing and fine cutting ingredients for each dish. Sautéing and assembling dishes based upon the recipe and plating specification of the presentation of each dish which is based on portion.

Manila Sunset

Tukwilla, WA

Prep cook and line cook

Butchering chicken, fish, pig ears and pig stomach. Prepared vegetables for lumpia, sautéed vegetables. Make Puto bumbong grating it before steaming. Made and prepared pancit malabon. Made bibingka.

Hardwok Cafe

Bellevue, WA

Prep cook and line cook

Preparation of Taiwanese dishes includes knife cutting, steam, noodle preparation, salad, fry and plating. Inventory management for the entire restaurant. Standardization of food prep and plating.

85C Bakery and Cafe

Tukwilla, WA

Lead for Bread department

Decorating the bread, baking them in a deck oven and convection ovens, proofing the dough to the specific size at multiple temperatures and humidity, training new employees for the bread department for the Lynnwood branch.

Wildfin American Grill

Issaquah, WA

Pantry Line cook

Task involves preparing ingredients, chopping, cutting, dicing, shredding, julienne, mincing and fine cutting ingredients for each dish. Assembling dishes based upon the recipe and plating specification of the presentation of each dish which is based on portion by ounce. Cooking flatbread dishes and presenting it based upon type and specification of the dish. Creating seasonal desserts.

Overlake Terrace Retirement Community Residential, Assisted and memory care

Redmond, WA

Prep and Line cook

Task involves preparing meals, chopping, cooking, baking desserts, carving meats, grilling, breading Italian meals and international meals for residence. Breakfast and brunch involves line cook for a variety of cooking styles of eggs. Meal preps are from scratch 90 percent of all meals. I also prepare meals for special needs residents that require their meals mechanically prepared and pureed. The Facility has two other kitchens in the building which I prepare in catering the meals and also prepare for special events such as Gala.