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How it works:

  1. A prescription recommendation will be emailed to you during your Telehealth appointment to the email that you used when you booked your appointment (HIPPA compliant system)

  2. Review the prescribed items and place your oder (HIPPA compliant system) includes a 10% discount off of your purchase

  3. Your medicine will be shipped to you

  4. You can program your Fullscript account to send you refill reminders or auto-shipment if needed depending on the stage of your treatment


  • Fullscript

  • Why not buy supplements on Amazon? A: The products on Amazon come from unauthorized resellers. They might be counterfeit or expired. Many products need refrigeration, which resellers often ignore. Fullscript follows all manufacturer shipping and storage best practices. And Never buy products from resellers!

  • Why not by supplements at Costco or Walmart? A:Cheaper isn't always better...And discount brands have a lower dose of ingredients per serving! Did you know? Four capsules of Kirkland fish oil is the same as one capsule from the top professional grade fish oils?

  • What about my local health food store? A :Scouring the shelves for the right product is a nightmare! Which often leaves you settling for close enough.

  • Your practitioner has recommended a specific product for you and your health.

  • Shipping will take 3-7 Business Days